What are the characteristics of an AdBlue anti-crystallisation additive?

May 12, 2024

Modern diesel vehicles are increasingly fitted with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to reduce pollutant emissions. These systems use an aqueous urea solution called AdBlue to transform harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless water vapour and nitrogen. However, AdBlue can crystallise at low temperatures or during prolonged storage, which can clog filters and damage SCR system components. This is where the AdBlue anti-crystallisation additive comes in.

Key features of AdBlue anti-crystallisation additive

A high quality anti-crystallisation additive is the key to ensuring the effectiveness and longevity of an AdBlue solution. Let's take a closer look at the fundamental properties that distinguish such an additive, the real guarantor of the smooth operation of SCR pollution control systems. Find out more at https://www.adblue-guide.com/adblue-anti-crystallisation.

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Prevents AdBlue crystallisation

The AdBlue anti-crystallisation additive contains special agents that prevent the formation of urea crystals in the solution. This ensures that the AdBlue remains fluid and circulates correctly in the SCR system, even in extremely cold conditions.

Protects SCR system components

By preventing AdBlue crystallisation, the anti-crystallisation additive protects the SCR system's filters, pumps and injectors from damage and clogging. This helps to extend the life of the SCR system and reduce maintenance costs.

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Improves SCR system performance

A clean, crystal-free SCR system operates more efficiently, resulting in reduced nitrogen oxide emissions and improved fuel consumption.

Easier AdBlue storage

The AdBlue anti-crystallisation additive allows AdBlue to be stored for longer periods without degradation. This is particularly important for vehicles that are not used regularly or that operate in cold climates.

Optimised thermal properties

A key element of high-performance AdBlue is its ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions. The anti-crystallisation additive plays a key role by considerably lowering the crystallisation point of the solution. Thanks to its specific composition, it enables AdBlue to remain liquid at temperatures well below 0°C, eliminating any risk of clogging or malfunctioning of the injection system.

Enhanced chemical stability

In addition to its thermal properties, a superior anti-crystallisation additive gives AdBlue enhanced chemical stability. This is essential to preserve the integrity of the solution and prevent premature degradation. Careful formulation ensures AdBlue lasts longer, reducing operating costs and maintenance interventions.

Compatibility with SCR systems

Compatibility with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems is essential for an effective anti-crystallisation additive. These systems, found in recent vehicles, require an AdBlue solution that complies with the most stringent standards. A high quality additive ensures this compliance, eliminating any risk of incompatibility or potential damage to SCR system components.

In fact, the AdBlue anti-crystallisation additive is an essential product for owners of diesel vehicles fitted with an SCR system. It protects the SCR system from damage, improves its performance and facilitates AdBlue storage. If you want your SCR system to perform optimally and your vehicle to meet the most stringent environmental standards, it is important to use a high quality AdBlue® anti-crystallisation additive.

Instructions for use

AdBlue anti-crystallisation additive should be added to AdBlue in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. It is generally recommended to add one litre of additive for every 100 litres of AdBlue. The additive can be added directly into the vehicle's AdBlue® tank or into an AdBlue® canister before pouring into the tank.


Using an AdBlue anti-crystallisation additive is a simple and economical way of protecting your SCR system and keeping your diesel vehicle running smoothly. Talk to your garage or parts dealer for more information.